Helping people from marginalised groups build a life free from alcohol
Design Lead
UI/UX & motion design
3 months

Recovery is challenging and non-linear, with vulnerability and discomfort blockers to progress. From our research, we learned that even small setbacks can snowball into relapses. So how do you design an educational product for people in this mindset?

To encourage momentum and minimize overwhelm, we kept tasks simple and straightforward. The UI is designed to be calming, welcoming and intuitive, and content is presented in bite-sized chunks. But above all, we kept our research front of mind to validate and ground our design decisions. We designed & built Tempest in 6 months, and it launched earlier this year to acclaim from Tech Crunch, Bustle and Vogue, with the later suggesting 'This new sobriety school will change the way you think about drinking'.