Using AI with a continuous glucose monitor to provide insights & predictions on how different food impact your metabolic health
Lead Designer
Visual direction, UX, motion & icon design
3 months

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is crucial for good health, but understanding how our diet impacts them can be challenging. Elevated levels pose long-term health risks, but adopting healthier lifestyle choices can enhance overall well-being and lower the risk of chronic diseases. January AI utilises a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to track your blood sugar levels. It then uses AI to provide insights and predictions on how various foods will affect your health, empowering you to make better choices.

When I joined the team, they were looking to streamline a complex setup process to ensure users felt engaged and motivated to use January as part of their new, daily habits. Furthermore, I was asked to re-think the visual direction for the product, ensuring we stayed true to the brand identity from UI design through to animation, iconography and colour application.

The product launched earlier this year and has since been featured on CBS news, Business Insider, and Popular Science, with the later described it as an effect approach to fine-tune your diet.