Extending the luxury brand experience from the car to your wrist
Senior UI Designer
UI/UX design
6 months

The launch of the Apple Watch came with the potential to extend the connected car experience to the wrist. For us, however, it was essential that we didn’t deliver just a ‘bragging app’, but that we connected the customer and car in an elegant, practical and appropriate way, providing an experience synonymous with the brand. In order to provide genuine value, and after some early testing, our strategy coalesced around delivering peace of mind. Did I lock my car? Will I have enough fuel for my journey? These were questions we wanted users to be able to answer with a glance at their wrist and also, most importantly, have the ability to act on.

Automotive design and development is a notoriously long, painstaking process, but within a few months we were able to go from concept to high-fidelity prototype to a developed product.