How We Feel
A journal to improve your wellbeing & emotional intelligence
Design Lead
Visual direction, UX, content & product strategy
3 months

Emotions can have a powerful impact on our lives, and yet it can be surprisingly difficult to articulate exactly what we’re feeling. How We Feel is a free journal created by scientists, designers, engineers and psychologists to help you learn precise words to describe how you feel, spot trends and patterns, and practice simple strategies to regulate your emotions in healthy ways.

I collaborated with the design team at Metalab, the HWF team (led by Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann), and a group of scientists from the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence on a project that took place over the course of three months to help conceptualise the initial visual direction, UX and content strategy. Our goal was to take complex scientific principles and present them in an easy-to-understand, beautiful and engaging way. We used the RULER technique (recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate) to help users label their emotions, understand them, and use video strategies to regulate their feelings. In addition to these tools, HWF also offers lessons and insights to help users understand the reasons behind their emotions and see patterns over time.

Since its launch, the HWF team has developed and grown the initial product concept, leading to a large following, a 4.9/5 average app store rating, and a culture impact award by the end of 2022.

(Illustration credit goes to Sara Strand)